Kickoff Innovation projects for Sahlgrenska School of Innovation and Entrepreneurship at GoCo Open-Lab

Starting the September the 3rd, Sahlgrenska School of Innovation and Entrepreneurship (SSIE) take on a 6 week period of innovation projects starting with their kick-off at Open-Lab. These projects are done by 35-40 students together with 9 partnering functions from healthcare and industry.

These projects are publically presented in Open-Lab 12th oktober and then left open for display, as a poster, for a short period.

We are very happy to increase our cooperation further through both starting, presenting and finalising their projects at Open-Lab. This is a small, but important, step in continuing to increase innovativity in Åbro and linking people together.

Sahlgrenska School of Innovation and Entrepreneurship (SSIE) is a complete academic environment at Sahlgrenska Academy and University of Gothenburg. SSIE bridges academia, society, government and healthcare through active participation and development in education, research and innovation activities. Our goals are to develop people, tools, and projects that deliver the capabilities to create value in the healthcare and life science sectors in the context of an emerging knowledge-based economy.

SSIE currently educates students, researchers, and professionals through specific courses and a complete master’s program on Business Creation and Entrepreneurship in Biomedicine. Our pedagogy is interdisciplinary and action-based, incorporating areas of management, law, economics, technology, design, and life science to address modern challenges through real innovations projects together with partner organizations.