International Workshop 6/9: Industry Trends to 2040 – Future Research and Education in Product Development

On behalf of Chalmers professor Ola Isaksson, product development and systems engineering, and Professor Claudia Eckert, Open University UK, we are honored to be hosting this workshop. The day brings together academic and industrial thought leaders to capture and analyses how engineering design and product development processes are affected by trends in society, business and technology.

We are happy to be the venue for this as GoCo is aiming to support and encourage innovation, in that we are building an innovation cluster, focused on health, with innovation and development of products and processes as a crucial part.

The workshop will be held in Open-Lab during the 6th of September and includes key notes, inspirational talks and presentation of preliminary findings of the ongoing research. There will also be a workshop to capture and express needs and expectations, focusing on future industrial challenges.