GoCo @Nordic.AI + Health Summit in Copenhagen

AI is democratising of healthcare and calls for Big Dating

Wrapping up the participation at Nordic.AI + Health summit in Copenhagen that GoCo took part in, many learnings and insights come into mind. Being in the inspiring environment of Ny Carlsberg Glyptotek in Copenhagen brought the best mix of new technology building on foundations of art, culture and history.

At the event we got to join great minds and innovative policy makers in reasoning around and understanding current trends and challenges in AI and Health.


Some learnings in summary:

  • AI is democratising healthcare and putting peoples’ needs in the centre
  • To enable and AI’s ability to “accelerate innovation” broad collaborations are necessary (using Big Data should really be about “Big Dating”)
  • There is a large need for common goals, working together and sharing data.
  • Change of work tasks will occur, thus affecting jobs of healthcare workers
  • Contact between patients and nurse/doctor is bound to increase
  • More proactive healthcare is made available when monitoring and AI is used
  • AI technologies such as image and pattern recognition will impact medicine development and e.g. tumour detection

Excited to see and hear all great initiatives, products, processes and companies that together are pushing the frontiers of technology and health further. On the terms of ethics and social equality I also find it great that so much of the discussion in this technical field is truly centred round the patients, protecting the individuals interests and democratising Health.

/Viktor Bakker
Project Leader and focus on Innovation at Gothenburg CoValley