GoCo Gothenburg is highly devoted to both social and environmental sustainability. That is why we are developing CoValley to become a place where all talented and innovative people are able to work, engage and live in a sustainable environment. We have the highest expectations from all those who become a part of the CoValley community to share these values and commitments. After all, it’s when we collaborate and co-create we achieve the best results.

Together we will set tomorrow’s standards

We are excited about all the positive feedback we have had regarding our commitment to create Northern Europe’s biggest co-working place with the highest social and environmental standards. Being a part of CoValley has its responsibilities but also has its perks. We have gone the extra mile to make it easy and beneficial to be at the forefront operate after the highest social and environmental sustainable standards.

Here are some examples of how:

Making public transportation attractive and accessible

We are working closely with the regional transport authority to secure convenient, comfortable and safe public transport to and from CoValley. High frequency timetables, fewer stops on the way, new bus station in close proximity and commuter parking in outer areas are just some examples of how public transport will become the preferred method of transportation.

Energy efficiency and electric charging stations

By making it convenient to charge electric vehicles onsite we are contributing to making the switch to full electric transportation easy for all those who work or live in CoValley. This will also have the added benefit of bringing down transportation cost for both companies and private individuals. Our highly energy efficient buildings will also have cost saving benefits to all those who establish in CoValley.

Create a bicycle culture


Cycling has both health and environmental benefits. That is why we will make cycling to and from CoValley a convenient choice. Bike sharing service, battery charging on site for electric bicycles, spacious, secure and convenient bicycle parking, bicycle repair services and changing rooms with showers in close proximity to peoples workplace.



CoValley will offer attractive enviorments for walking. Car traffic within the CoValley area will be extremely limited as the streets and pathways will prioritize pedestrians and cyclist. As much as possible streets will be limited to emergency vehicles, deliveries and those with disabilities requiring designated parking. We are also working closely with the local municipality to develop a walkway to and from Mölndals train station.


More to come

We are looking forward to announce more news on how CoValley will become a model for social and environmental sustainability throughout the development process. There is more to come so stay tuned.