At GoCo Health Innovation City, we are highly devoted to social and environmental sustainability. Our new space is nothing less than the highest example of this commitment. A place where talented, innovative companies and individuals come to work, collaborate, and live in a sustainable environment.

Each and every tenant we invite to join us shares our values and commitments. When we collaborate and co-create, we achieve the best, most sustainable results.

Creating future standards – today

We are committed to creating a co-working community of the highest social and environmental standards. A hub for future-forward thinking in innovation leader Sweden, renowned as a stage for sustainability and the ideal setting for health innovation. We are giving it our all to place our community at the forefront, paving the way in future standards.


Some of our initiatives

Public transportation

Central Gothenburg is less than 20 minutes away by public transportation. By working closely with the regional transport authority, we’re securing convenient, comfortable, safe public transportation to and from GoCo Health Innovation City. Frequent services, fewer stops along the way, a new bus station a short walk away, and commuter parking at main stops are a few of the examples of our efforts to boost sustainable transportation options.

Energy-efficient buildings and electric charging stations

With convenient electric charging stations onsite, we contribute to making the switch to full electric transportation easy for anyone working in GoCo Health Innovation City. This in turn reduces transportation costs for companies and individuals. Our highly energy-efficient buildings also provide cost-savings benefits to tenants.

A bike-riding community

Riding a bike to get around boasts plenty of health and environmental benefits, and is a convenient mode of transportation at GoCo Health Innovation City. Bike sharing services, on-site battery charging for electric bikes, spacious and secure bike parking, repair services, and changing rooms with showers provide plenty of incentive to hop on and ride.

A pedestrian's world

With sustainability in mind every step of the way, pedestrians and bike riders will be prioritized at all times. On-site streets will be limited to emergency vehicles, delivery transport, and disability parking access. Work is ongoing with Mölndal Municipality to construct a walkway to and from the train station.

More is on its way!

Our journey to become a model for social and environmental sustainability is underway, with exciting new developments taking place at all times. Watch this space!