About us

GoCo Gothenburg is a joint venture between Vectura Fastigheter and Next Step Group. Together with our partners AstraZeneca and Gehl People we are developing CoValley, Northern Europe’s largest co-working space. We invite you to join us in CoValley which is strategically located in Gothenburg/Mölndal, a region already in the forefront of cancer research, inflammation and metabolic diseases, stem cell and gene therapy and ageing research.

Vectura Fastigheter and Next Step Group

GoCo Gothenburg is a joint venture between Vectura Fastigheter and Next Step Group. Together we have joined forces to develop CoValley, a new personalized health technology cluster which will also be Northern Europe’s largest co-working space.

Vectura is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Patricia Industries, part of Investor AB. In the office segment Vectura owns and manage properties where Investor and other companies are located, including those who are related to the health care industry.

Next Step is a young and dynamic property developer with several critically praised projects, primarily on the Swedish west coast. The success behind Next Step’s projects are credited to extensive consultation processes and the commitment to always deliver architectural quality and value to the community in question.


A great vision – creating a new research cluster of highest international standard

Traditional labs and people in white lab coats no longer have a monopoly on scientific breakthroughs. We want to bring to life a new space for life science that stimulates collaboration between private companies, academic research groups and the local community. CoValley will facilitate new types of collaboration and new ways of working. We believe that solutions to challenges of the future can be catalyzed through meetings and interactions between people with diverse skills and experiences.



Establish here

At CoValley you will find your new office! Here is something for everyone, whether you want to have your workplace here or establish a restaurant, cafe or bookstore.

Interested in an office space? Then keep an eye on CoValley, which in the future will become Northern Europe's largest co-working space. The location is very strategic, close to Mölndal and Gothenburg and as well as southern Sweden and Copenhagen. The CoValley area will be ready for it´s first tenants in 2021.

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