Welcome to the future of innovative health

At GoCo Health Innovation City, we are on a mission to tackle the challenges facing the world’s health and create real solutions for real people.

Expanding the world by coming together

By building a new neighborhood strategically located at the heart of this booming region, we are expanding on the strength already in place, adding to the diversity, and further accelerating the pace of innovation. With 100,000 square meters of additional space, capacity for 350 companies and 7,000 people, and an investment of €350 million, the possibilities are endless. Progress is underway, with the first tenants opening their doors in 2021. Join us in creating the future of health!

Join us

Why co-innovate?

The health challenges facing our world today are many. At GoCo Health Innovation City, we believe that the solutions are also many – and are created by uniting individuals, institutions, and companies working in a range of capacities, fields, and know-how. Whether scientist, tech developer, artist, or academic, all future tenants share our vision of a better future. Together we pave the way to extraordinary meetings and unexpected solutions.

Why here?

GoCo Health Innovation City is strategically placed just minutes away from Gothenburg, which boasts a wealth of innovation clusters and world-renowned academic institutions. By concentrating our work in a rich area of intellectual and physical resources – with close proximity to the likes of Sahlgrenska Science Park, Chalmers University of Technology, the University of Gothenburg, and Geely Innovation Center – we enable cross-collaboration, speed, and agility.

Working for a healthier future

GoCo Health Innovation City is already the home of numerous well-established global players in health and life sciences. For example, AstraZeneca’s internationally renowned BioVentureHub – a collaborative innovation ecosystem with 30 companies working in biotech, medtech, and academia – is located within walking distance of our new facility. This world-class co-innovation center is an example of what GoCo Health Innovation will offer, providing tenants with infrastructure and expertise. Advancing the future of health and accelerating cross-disciplinary ways of working.

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